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Guides your team towards holistic development 

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Julia Offenbacher and Marc Pawlak are CoachKonsult.

How we work!

We develop strategies for your company, for you and with you. Your goals guide our work.

At CoachKonsult, the focus is on people and their uniqueness. With this in mind, and without losing track of the big picture, we develop solution-oriented programs to generate added value.

Our strategic approach focuses in on management and sales teams with the aim of  strengthening competences and leadership capabilities.

Employing a needs-based solution selling mindset, we help you identify and execute on practical steps towards achieving your targets, while keeping your business model in the foreground. This is possible thanks to our unique hybrid model, which competently combines elements of coaching and consulting.





Our concept ensures continued, long-term sales and leadership success. We train leaders and help them create a productive and creative working environment.

Let’s work together and craft a tailor-made roadmap leading your company to the next stage of development!

Our clients include companies such as Union Investment, ImmobilienScout24, Peek & Cloppenburg, MEG West and many more. 


Our methods and strategies find their foundation in the feasibility of your ideas, visions and plans. You and your employees should be able to identify with your goals. This is how work becomes a passion!

We are convinced that sustainable change can only be achieved working through an individual’s challenges and influencing their mindset. For this to successfully happen, all those involved should participate in the process proactively.

For us at CoachKonsult, this means combining individuality in the approach with precision in achieving your targets.

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Our Offer

We are aware that every company and every organisation is unique. That is why you will receive an offer tailored to your needs, which will be adapted to your wishes and goals. Our aim is to get everyone on board, as this is the only way to achieve long-term success.

CoachKonsult effectively combines coaching with consulting thus developing new perspectives, ideas and concepts for you and your company.

For us, people are in the foreground. That is why we have developed our own methodology, which ensures a successful and cohesive collective learning.

We support you in theory as well as in practice. This combination of competences and know-hows is key to ensuring that you and your teams achieve your targets. 

Our three main building blocks are:


Coaching focuses on internalising learned content. Together with our clients, we develop practice-oriented approaches. The situation-oriented coaching session enables, among other things, the individual’s identification with higher-level corporate goals.

We offer individual and team coaching to strengthen skills and guide your team or individuals towards set goals. Our services range from specific sales coachings to executive development coachings and mentoring.


In Teaching, we convey the most important thematic content. The teaching of theory serves as an essential foundation for the successful process implementation.

We offer individually tailored and creative training and workshops on sales and leadership topics, among others.


Our focal points are operational and strategic management consulting. We find individual solutions for existing business management issues.

We advise companies in the area of sales concepts with a focus on needs-oriented solution selling and develop managers so that change processes can be successfully mastered.

Practice Transfer

We place great emphasis on the transfer of practice. Our many years of experience have shown that practice helps highlighting questions that would not surface with the mere study of theory. That is why we understand practice transfer as a needs-oriented and balanced combination of the three building blocks described, which combine and interchange depending on the situation. Within the framework of moderated discussions with your team, we recognise individual needs and adapt accordingly.

Our team has years of expertise in a wide range of areas and is therefore highly adaptable. We successfully worked with a variety of customers; financial service providers, associations, wholesale companies, online platforms, real estate and event organisation companies, etc.

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"I have worked with Marc for several years and I couldn´t wish for a more reliable sparring partner. He is a coach with whom I can exchange ideas at eye level and a consultant that offers expert strategic advice.

His profound know-how helped me and my team to set and achieve company-wide targets."

Heike Hunnenberg, Founder & Managing Director

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